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Monday 21 January 2013

The Overseas Movement Supporting the Fight for Human Rights & Religious Freedom in Vietnam

23th January 2013

To: The Right Honourable – David Cameron (Prime Minister)

Dear Prime Minister

You are hereby advised that this petition is delivered to your offices in hope that you will take a very serious and committed reflection on our request; in that we are/were Vietnamese refugees who fled our country through persecution and a flagrant disregard for human rights and religious freedom since the incumbent ‘Communist Regime’ from the North violated the International Peace Convention in Paris of: 1973 when they wilfully invaded the Republic of Vietnam.

We are aware of the imminent visit to ‘10 Downing Street’ on or around the 23rd January 2013 of Mr Nguyen Phu Trong: The General Secretary of the Communist Party of Vietnam. The link herein indicates and confirms this visitation through the British Embassy’s website in Hanoi

(http://ukinvietnam.fco.gov.uk/en/news/?view=News&id=849718582) that you will hold a two day meeting with this Communist regime leader.

As you’re no doubt fully aware, that from April 1975 after the ruthless invasion the Republic of Vietnam, the whole country went under the brutal control of said communist regime; they perpetrated a merciless and vicious retribution on the people of the Republic of Vietnam, especially those who were related or had connections with the Republic of Vietnam government such as: veterans, teachers, lawyers, doctors, engineers, monks, priests, nuns and so on. They also confiscated people’s properties, and pushed them to relocate in inhospitable jungle regions of the country, which they incongruously called the “new economy zone”. Unfortunately, beyond the iron gate of the communist regime, the world regrettably had blinkered vision and so allowed innocent the Republic of Vietnam people, to seriously suffer ill treatment, gratuitous torture, inhumane and slow starvation to death in the ‘Concentration Camps’ which they deviously named “re-education” camps.

However, to date after nearly ‘38 years’ under the communist regime’s control, Vietnam today still has a most ‘Corrupt’ government; with incalculable ‘Human Rights’ violations and wanton religious oppression – as thankfully reported by ‘Human Rights Watch’ and ‘Amnesty International’ to alert the world to which we enclose these documents for your full attention.

As British Citizens, we respectfully and appreciatively urge you during your meeting with Mr. Nguyen Phu Trong; that in any dialogue you thus hold with him: ensure to point out the extremely poor history of the regime’s human rights violations/failures and continued religious oppression. Also to assuredly emphasize that ‘Freedom of Speech’ must be allowed to operate openly without persecution in Vietnam under the ‘International Human Rights Convention’, of which the Vietnamese government appears to be a non-participatory member? We also hereby request the unconditional release of all those disenfranchised prisoners of conscience, politicians and people who peacefully spoke-out against their country’s sovereign territory and islands being invaded or possibly offered in a clandestine manner to the Chinese communist regime due to the Vietnamese government’s foreign policy of appeasing China.

Thanking you in anticipation.

With kind regards,

Hugh Ngo
(UK representative – email: hughngo13@yahoo.co.uk)


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