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Wednesday 17 April 2013

Ký tên ủng hộ cộng đồng USA :Gởi Kháng Thư đến Senate Dick Black (SJR 455)

Kính quý vị đã ký tên ủng hộ Kháng Thư (SJR 455)

Đêm hôm qua chúng tôi đã gởi email tới Senate Dick Black  khi vượt quá con số 130 chứ ký kèm theo link để thư ký của ông ta theo dõi..

Theo tin tức mới nhất ở Virginia đã có đoàn gặp trực tiếp đề nghị chuyển sang một ngày khác, tránh Ngày Quốc Hận 30 - 4. Tình hình như vậy rất là khả quan.

Đề nghị với những vị đã ký Kháng Thư kêu gọi và giới thiệu thân hữu đồng tâm vào ký tiếp đến khi có kết quả.

Đạt ngường 200 sẽ gửi tiếp

Không ai có quyền đụng chạm đến  lịch sử của chúng ta.

Trân trọng

Kim Âu


From: Kim Au <kimau48@yahoo.com>
To: "SenatorBlack@usa.net" <SenatorBlack@usa.net>
Sent: Tuesday, April 16, 2013 1:56 AM
Subject: Letter of Objection to the Senate Join Resolution NO. 455

Dear Senate Dick Black
We acknowledge that some Vietnamese American individuals have submitted a petition to rename April 30th  “National Hatred Day” as “South Vietnamese Recognition Day”. As a result, the General Assembly of Virginia passed the Resolution SJ-455 to approve said demand.
By working on the Resolution SJ-455, you have shown your concern on an important historic event that happened in our motherland, Vietnam. On behalf of the Vietnamese American Communities and Organizations, we’d like to express our deepest gratitude to your noble move for our cause.
But We are not happy that “April 30th” is given any names other than “National Hatred Day” because the following reasons:
1.- April 30th, 1975 marks the darkest page in our Vietnamese history when the Communists occupied Saigon, and all over our nation.
2.- April 30th is the day that tens of millions of Vietnamese people began to suffer the brutal policies of the Vietnamese Communist Party that led to the Boat People diaspora in which hundreds of thousands lost their lives in the ocean.
3.- April 30th is also the day that hundreds of thousands of  Republic of Vietnam officers and civil servants, even monks, nuns, priests and businessmen were detained in hard labor jails for years. Many of them died of starvation, torture, illness, and many other causes.
Therefore – wherever outside Vietnam – Vietnamese people commemorate the April 30th as “Ngay Quoc Han”, meaning “National Hatred Day” every year.
The recent Resolution SJ-455 doesn’t reflect the true meaning of the “April 30th” that the Vietnamese people have in their thoughts.
So that we promptly request  the General Assembly of Virginia revise the Resolution SJ-455, such that “South Vietnamese Recognition Day” is named for another day instead.
You can read our  Letter of Objection below this letter
Thank you for your concern and consideration.
Son Ha

From: Change.org <mail@change.org>
To: kimau48@yahoo.com
Sent: Tuesday, April 16, 2013 1:14 AM
Subject: You got kinhkha to sign

Hi Son Ha,

You just got kinhkha to sign this petition: Objection Senate Join Resolution 455 of General Assembly of Virginia: to submit the Senate Join Resolution -455 for another day.

Every person you add is a huge step toward winning this campaign. Each new supporter is another person who will spread the word, get their friends to sign, and bring the campaign closer to victory.

Can you find more people to join this campaign? Ask them to sign now.

- The Change.org Team
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