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Thursday 14 February 2013

The CPV as robbers to rob the people of VN to their bones

Facing the difficulties of the political economic system today; the Communist Party of VN put forward a strategy to allow it to survive, as follows:

- Abroad, they advocate for the reconciliation, dialogue, national unity, with a view to attract the overseas Vietnamese to cease acting against the regime, to make investments in VN and to send money to the homeland to rescue the regime on the verge of economic collapse due to exhausting the hard currencies reserve and other problems.

- In the homeland, they tried to reverse the trend of the people’s unfavorable reaction to the regime, as a result of economic hardship, forced land seizure by the state against peasants and farmers, and corruption, by the project of changing the Constitution in 2013. They put forward a process of getting public opinion on the draft of the new constitution (from January 1 to the end of March, 2013). They said the people can contribute their ideas on virtually every aspect of the draft, except Article 4 to stipulate the sole leadership of the CPV and other articles to guarantee the mono-party system. That way, the change would be a decoration rather than a substantial change of the political system, and everything would be the same, including the land ownership rights, human rights and citizen rights (such as the right to vote, freedom of speech, freedom of the press etc). When Article 4 and other articles to keep the political system as a mono-party system are still there, the regime is still a dictatorial regime, and the people still have to react politically to get their rights back. A people’s rising is a must to eliminate the mechanism that robs the people to their bones.

From Lenin to Stalin, the dictatorship was a dictatorship to serve an ideal (seeking a paradise on earth); now, in VN and China, the dictatorship changed to a dictatorship of a party as robbers, who would apply whatever measures to protect their wealth (that was accumulated by their corruption and robberies against the people, especially from the forced seizure of the peasants and farmers’ lands for what they called "planned cities", "planned new industrial zones" etc.

Unless a people’s rising takes place, no other measures will bring the people the living standard and rights they deserve. That is the solution for VN.




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