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Thursday 12 March 2015

April 30th the Vietnamese National Deep Resentment Day : Âm mưu xóa bỏ ngày Quốc Hận 30.04 bất thành

April 30th the Vietnamese National Resentment Day
                                    by ‘ The Journey to Freedom Day” .
Senator Ngo Thanh Hai forgot about FIVE MILLIONS of War Dead Heroes (Vietnamese and Allied)
Elizabeth May, O.C., M.P.
I want to follow up on an email response sent to you regarding Bill S-219, the Journey to Freedom Day Act.
After careful consideration, I remain supportive of establishing a day recognize Vietnamese immigration to Canada. However, I will seek to amend the bill in a way that responds to the concerns of Vietnamese-Canadians regarding the date proposed by the bill.
The invaluable contributions of Vietnamese-Canadians to our society should be celebrated. At the same time, not all members of the Vietnamese-Canadian community commemorate April 30. Given the diversity of views within the Vietnamese-Canadian community, it may not be appropriate as a day of celebration.
Bill S-219 also singles out North Vietnam’s actions in the fall of Saigon in 1975. A more even-handed approach would recognize the exodus of boat people to Canada while maintaining political neutrality and good diplomatic relations with Vietnam.
I have appreciated hearing from hundreds of members of the Vietnamese-Canadian community on both sides of this issue. I am grateful for the feedback and I strive to balance these concerns. As such, I will seek to amend the bill to commemorate July 27 as Journey to Freedom Day, so as to acknowledge the diversity of opinion regarding the historical significance of April 30 for those impacted. July 27, 1979 marks the day when the first Canadian Forces plane arrived in Toronto under Operation Magnet II, bringing Vietnamese refugees to Canada.
Thank you very much for sharing your concerns with me.

Elizabeth May, M.P., O.C.
Member of Parliament for Saanich-Gulf Islands
Leader of the Green Party

DEAR . Elizabeth Please . I down my head need your help . Please not on April 30. I run any where to ask for HELP , now i just known you .I agree 27 / 7 or .... PLEASE NOT APRIL 30 Please please ...God Bless you . God please !!!! Raise your voices . Amen Thanks
The Honourable Prime Minister Stephen Harper
- The Honourable House Representatives
- The Honourable Administration Officials

Dear Prime Minister and Honourable Officials,
First of all, I’d like to sincerely revere Canada and to sincerely thank for bringing up us. The majority of us succeed and became good citizens, and knew the common sense, and still keeping our National Spirit, our source of Viet Nam origin…. We could not forget our fellow-countrymen who still live under the domination of the savage dictatorship Vietnamese Communists.
We are Communist refugees, not alimentary refugees, we always respect and feel grateful for million of the Republic of Vietnam soldiers, the People of Viet Nam, and allied soldiers, particularly 135 Canadian soldiers, all of them were sacrificed their life for defending the South Vietnam against the North Communist invasion until April 30th,1975. That is the raison why the Vietnamese back home and overseas considered The April 30th as a National Resentment Day of the Vietnamese People.

However, recently The Canadian Senator Ngo Thanh Hai submitted a Bill S-219 (before named April 30th Black April) but it name was changed to “The Journey for Freedom Day”. This Bill reminded us, according to Universal Data there were about Three Millions Vietnamese, including us, to cross the border (so called Boat People) to seek freedom in overseas because we could not live under the dictatorial yoke and lack of freedom in Viet Nam…. There were about 250,000 Vietnamese died at sea, and forest during their Journey to Freedom. Almost all the Free World, including Canada, were touched with sympathy and tended their compassion hands to accommodated us until now . Thanks with all our hearts..
If Senator Ngo submitted the Bill S-219 under another date OTHER THAN April 30th all of us and the Vietnamese People will respectfully engrave deeply on our’s hearts for his good deed, and support him. But we did not know why from what cause and what influence which made him being callous to replace the “ April 30th the Vietnamese National Resentment Day” by ‘ The Journey to Freedom Day” . Senator Ngo Thanh Hai forgot about FIVE MILLIONS of War Dead Heroes (Vietnamese and Allied) who fought against the Communist invasion for defending freedom, democracy and human rights for Viet Nam in order that Mr Ngo and the people of South Viet Nam live peacefully until April 30th, 1975 !!!!.

Because of our deep emotion and our deep gratitude to the War Dead heroes of Republic Of Viet Nam people and soldiers and allied soldiers, the Vietnamese Communities in the world celebrated The April 30th National Resentment Memorial ceremonies, and the Republic Of Viet Nam yellow and three red strips flag raising ceremonies. Also The Vietnamese Community in Toronto celebrated every year The April 30th National Resentment Memorial and Flag Raising Ceremony at the flagpole area of The Toronto City Hall, but since we were not allowed to use the flagpole so we had to organize the ceremony at the open-air stage of The Toronto City Hall .
Jesus gave to each of the Nation, to each of the language, to each of the geographically position not for splitting and killing each others but Jesus wants us to protect the green environment and to amiability love each others, but the results were against His Will!!! That is the raison why The Vietnamese need some intellectual personages who have the sense of gratitude in order to build peace and order, and to respect the Vietnamese and Allied Dead Heroes who were sacrificed during the Viet Nam war for defending the peace, the democracy, and freedom of South Viet Nam against the North Communist invasion, and to achieve unity in order to build law and order of the Vietnamese society and pervade the human love of Jesus.

Because of all reasons mentioned above we respectfully entreat The Honourable Prime Minister Stephen Harper and all honourable Officials to approve The Journey To Freedom Bill S-219 UNDER ANOTHER DATE OTHER THAN THE VIETNAMESE NATIONAL RESENTMENT APRIL 30th DAY.

We, The Canadian citizens origin of Viet Nam, respectfully thank The Honourable Prime Minister Stephen Harper and all Honourable Officials.
Respectfully Yours,
God Bless all of us
Toronto January 26, 2015

The Vietnamese Canadian
Mr Vu Phong



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